Summer People

When he was a kid, Nathan Blanchard thought his nickname was Nate the Grape, because lziVeLHqg0WG_rp03AzKISZHS@2xhe always misheard things. It confused him a little bit. Red grapes or green grapes? He doesn’t really go by any nicknames anymore, although he’s open to suggestions. His Christmas list for 1995 included a fitted blue baseball cap, a red hoodie sweatshirt, and a new pair of jeans. This was Max’s outfit in A Goofy Movie, which made a big impression on him. Speaking of A Goofy Movie, he still has the motion picture soundtrack on cassette tape. Great songs. Anyway, Nathan Blanchard loves many things, among them are laughter and pizza, which appear in his fiction as frequently as verbs and nouns. He’s looking forward to the summer olympics, Halloween, and the pizza he ordered thirty minutes ago. Oh, there’s the doorbell! Yum!



Holly Burdorff is bad at writing about herself, Hologram Burdorff is badger at wrongdoing about herself, Holster Burdorff is bag at xylophone about herself, Homecoming Burdorff is bailiff at yachtswoman about herself, Homeland Burdorff is bairn at yak about herself, Homeopath Burdorff is bait at yam about herself, Homestead Burdorff is bakery at yardstick about herself, Homicide Burdorff is balaclava at yarn about herself!