KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA John Estes joined the UA faculty in 2016 and directs the Undergraduate Creative Writing Program. He studied poetics and ecological literature at the Univeristy of Missouri, and is author of three books of poetry—Kingdom Come (C&R Press, 2011), Stop Motion Still Life (Wordfarm, forthcoming) and Sure Extinction (forthcoming), which won the 2015 Antivenom Award from Elixir Press—as well as two chapbooks: Breakfast with Blake at the Laocoön (Finishing Line Press, 2007) and Swerve, which won a 2008 National Chapbook Fellowship from the Poetry Society of America. Works-in-progress include a collection of short fictions, a book-length poem, and at least one overdue essay.


Josh Ball is a Tuscaloosa native, but has lived in many exotic locations like Kansas.

IMG_0373He spent his time there teaching middle schoolers the differences between “your” and “you’re” and raising cattle on a farm just outside of town. When he’s not tending to the farm, he spends his days pretending he was in Led Zeppelin and watching Family Feud. He is a surprisingly good dancer. Josh prefers room temperature pizza because a burnt tongue is no fun. He experienced his fifteen minutes of YouTube fame after one of his videos was featured on national television and everything has gone downhill from there. He has a dog named Layla.


Sarah Sarah Cheshire (pictured here in one of her last known moments) was last seen on April Fools Day of 2016. Security footage shows her entering a bouncy castle outside of a Chuck-E-Cheese near her hometown in Central North Carolina. It appears as though she never came out. Indigo Brown, a certified Bouncer of Castles and kindergarten student at the local Mary Poppins Magnet School for Metaphysical Children, claims to have observed Ms. Cheshire in the moments before her disappearance tossing black feathers into the air and reciting Edgar Allen Poe. Any information about her whereabouts can be written out in the second person with a clear narrative arc and submitted to Creative Writing Club for review.  If you have stolen her, please edit her for typos, seal her in an envelop and deposit her in her mailbox. Her dog misses her dearly.


DinwiddieWendy Dinwiddie is an American actress and musician. Her notable films include musical-drama film Footloose, the controversial historical conspiracy legal thriller JFK, the legal drama A Few Good Men, the historical docudrama Apollo 13, and the mystery drama Mystic River. Dinwiddie, one of six children, was born and raised in a bacon colony in Philadelphia. She now lives in Manhattan where she is a commercial spokesperson for the U.S. egg industry.


Sam Eliot LaMura is a cyborg more often than Sam Eliot LaMura is not a cyborg. Sam EliotIMG_0366 LaMura will never be as young as he was when this was written. His hobbies range from listing and determining appropriate ranges of hobbies when composing lists. His other hobbies do not include sock puppeteering or regular exercise. Sam Eliot LaMura will usually say he is from Florida, near Miami. Sam Eliot LaMura began writing this after he began writing poetry in high school. Sam Eliot LaMura is not a cyborg when he forgets his cellphone upon leaving home. His favorite hat is the slightly askew golfers cap. He wears them for his grandfather who wore them with brim facing forward.


Sierra Sierra Williams came to Alabama to perfect her mastery of rocking rhymes. Sure, she looks like the Celine Dion-Kenny G-Sarah McLachlan type. Not so fast. She knows every nonsensical Red Hot Chili Pepper lyric, beating Eminem in his final 8 Mile battle to champion the word world. In the mid-90s, Will Smith came to Sierra to jump-start his rap career, to change his image. She told him he’d already spent too much time in Bel-Air, but that just maybe, they could work instead at getting him an Oscar. It was Sierra, after all, who scored Leo Dicaprio his long deserved Oscar for that movie with the bear. Now they’re moving on to his music career and will hopefully get married and colonize Mars.